Hi there and welcome to my blog – my name is Eden!

Here you will find my thoughts, ideas and tips about an assortment of things relevant to my life and interests, including minimalism and simple-living, personal finance, health and self-care. 

As a quick summary of me, I’m a qualified dietitian and I currently work in research, having completed my PhD last year. Over the course of my PhD and early career, I’ve lived in four different cities, one of which was overseas. Moving turned into an annual event for me. I quickly caught on that the fewer things I owned, the easier it was to move. Eventually, I stopped accumulating things.

I have recently discovered the joys of intentional, simple-living. As a highly sensitivity person and an introvert, my ultimate goal is to live a slower life, where I am able to spend more time appreciating the simple joy and beauty of life. Establishing financial independence early, allowing me to live the life I desire as soon as possible, is part of that goal.

I would love for you to come along on the journey with me!