Vogue’s 73 Questions: Blogger edition

I recently saw Mind. Beauty. Simplicity create a blog post of this kind, and I thought it would be fun to try it too, as a bonus post this week. I hope this post will show a little more of my personality, and I would love to see some more of these from some of you, too! 


1. What is your usual Starbucks order?

Starbucks is not very mainstream in Australia, but my coffee order is a simple cappuccino.

2. What does your workstation look like right now?

At my work I have my own office that is basically completely bare. My colleagues make fun of me for it, but I just don’t have much interest in adding decor or anything else! My desk is neat and tidy with two monitors, a keyboard, and a mouse. The only other things I permanently leave in my desk are a box of green tea and sunscreen.

Come to think of it, my desk at home looks pretty much the same!

3. All time favourite food?

Probably pizza. Or gnocchi.

4. Favourite author?

Not too sure. Some that I like are Gillian Flynn, Stieg Larsson, Haruki Murakami, Liane Moriarty.

 5. What do you think of open relationships?

Definitely not for me. Apparently they work for some people, although I feel like ensuring all parties feel exactly the same way would be difficult.

6. Favourite video game?

I don’t play video games. So I have to say… the Sims! I liked getting them rich and comfortable and then leaving them forever. 

7. Guilty pleasure treat?

Things made with fried cheese, including but not limited to mozzarella sticks, pizza, cheese toasties, arancini balls etc. 

8. Favourite film?

So many! Of recent, I really enjoyed Promising Young Woman. 

9. Favourite book?

Its becoming clear to me I’m not very good at narrowing down favourites to 1. 

Some I have really loved recently:

-Boy Swallows Universe, Trent Dalton

-Normal People, Sally Rooney

-Fight like a Girl, Clementine Ford

10. Twitter or Instagram?

Instagram. Twitter was always something I was pressured to have as a young dietitian (and a young academic, actually) so having it downloaded mostly just made me feel guilty for my lack of actual use on it. Instagram is a safe, personal space haha. 

11. Desktop or Laptop?

Laptop, more compact. 

12. Best advice you’ve ever received?

To apply for a scholarship to spend a year of my PhD at the University of Cambridge. The application was huge, and I thought it was pointless as I wouldn’t get it (at the time of applying, I had just started my PhD and had close to 0 publications and limited experience). But I was successful! And it was an absolutely incredible experience.

13. What project are you working on right now?

This blog! 

14. Favourite colour?

Light pink (which might be obvious). Also, autumnal colours. 

15. Did you get good grades in school?

Yes, I was a perfectionist. 

16. Dream job?

I find this hard to answer. If I had to answer, something that was fulfilling and meaningful, that allowed me full control and flexibility over my time (which I assume is everyone’s answer ☺). 

17. Played any sports?

Yes, I used to play netball and soccer as a kid. Recently I played social soccer for fun. 

18. Do you have a degree?

Yes, I have a Bachelor of Nutrition/Dietetics and a PhD. 

19. Nationality?


20. What is your favourite kind of blog post to write?

List posts hehe. List posts on content that I think will help my readers. 

21. What do you like to collect?

I don’t collect anything! I don’t like things! Haha, but really, nothing. My friend recently told me her partner collects watches and currently has 32 of them and I almost had an aneurysm. 

22. Describe yourself in 3 words

Sensitive, analytical, affectionate. 

23. If you were a rapper what would your rapper name be?

Dr Pink GalahZ. For no reason other than that I love those little pink boys, and my blog looks like one. 

24. Who was the last person you DM’d?

My beautiful partner. 

25. What is on top of your wish list right now?

A Moka pot because I just destroyed mine in the dishwasher. PSA: don’t put your Moka pot in the dishwasher (although you probably already know that and as would I had I bothered to Google). 

26. Hogwarts House?

I think either Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. Hufflepuffs were the sensitive ones that loved animals and having empathy and stuff. I reckon that one. 

27. How many tattoos do you have?

None but I might eventually. I’m just not a very decisive person. 

28. What are you most grateful for this year?

Being able to travel and holiday pretty freely within Australia. We are extremely lucky here (although fingers crossed for Melbourne as they enter a snap 7 day lockdown!). 

29. What’s the best thing that has happened to you this month?

I got to see my family! We had high tea together which was delicious. 

30. What’s the best thing that has happened to you today?

I had a fairly low-stress day at work. Also, I’m having pizza for dinner!

31. What’s the best thing ever?

Those moments of pure excitement. Such as the first morning of a holiday, going to the airport. 

32. Favourite season

Summer. I hate the cold! I love Canberra except that the winters here are freezing (well, for Australia’s standards, which can still be quite cold!). I eventually envision settling down somewhere with a really warm climate such as Perth or Brisbane. 

33. Favourite holiday

Christmas. Although Easter is highly underrated, due to the amount of public holidays it brings us. 

34. Which fictional character do you relate the most to?

As a child I looked and acted like Karen from Outnumbered.

35. Do you like surprises?

Not if I know they’re coming. As in, I don’t like anticipating things I don’t know the outcome of. It’s a problem related to anxiety.

Once surprises have actually occurred, they’re usually fine.

36. What’s the biggest surprise you ever got?

A puppy, when I was 13. It wasn’t really a surprise in the sense of BAM here’s a pup. But my mum basically insisted we were never going to get one for ages, then suddenly was like “oh yeah I’ve been looking at dogs, we can go pick her up in a month’s time”.  

37. What’s a surprise that made you cry?

Finding out a close family member was sick. 

38. What’s the best surprise you have ever given anyone?

I threw a surprise party for a friend, once. It was actually pretty successful, too!

39. Do you like muffins?

Yes except the nice:boring ratio on them is sometimes off. I think the top is the best part, the middle can get kind of boring/dry. Therefore I conclude a smaller muffin is best, or perhaps one with some kind of filling like cream cheese or jam. 

40. Do you cook often?

Yes, I do. I almost always cook pretty simple meals, though. My partner and I usually cook one big meal each week. Each meal will make 4-8 serves and last us the week.

I love cooking now that I have my own kitchen. When I used to live with housemates I hated it because I never knew when the kitchen was going to be needed by someone else, so I was in and out of there as soon as possible!

41. What’s your favourite dessert?

Chocolate lava cake, cheesecake, brownies, mousse… the list goes on.

42. Is there a dessert you don’t like?

I don’t like pavlova that much, which is highly offensive to most Australians.

43. Cake or pie?

Cake in summer, pie in winter.

44. What’s your least favourite food?


45. What’s your favourite condiment?

Hot sauce. Also, does chilli oil count? I love chilli oil.

46. It’s 4am on a random Saturday…what are you eating?

Usually nothing because I’m blissfully asleep. However, if it was a night that I went out and was still awake, Vegemite toast and tea. It’s the BEST after a night out.

47. If you could teach a college class, what would it be?

Healthy eating and culinary skills (non dieting/weight focused approach). Probably better taught in high school than college, though. 

48. Best animated film?

I really love Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and How to Train your Dragon (Toothless is the cutest thing I have ever seen). 

49. What has a guy said or done that impressed you?

Honestly my partner impresses me with his open communication, vulnerability and compassion constantly. 

50. Best thing to do on a first date?

I think something cheap and simple, like a walk around a (very public and open!) lake. Otherwise coffee. 

Basically something that doesn’t have to be too long or too expensive if you’re not enjoying it. 

51. Worst thing to do on a first date?

Neg or undermine your date. Gross. 

52. What’s the best pick up line?

None of them, they are all terrible. Sorry!

53. Best comic book character?

Does R2D2 count? 

54. Name three things that can always be found in your purse?

Wallet, phone, keys. I don’t always bring a purse, as they also fit in my jacket pockets!

55. Favourite drink?

Shall I assume alcoholic? Tempranillo (although most red wines), or gin and tonic. 

56. If I could play a historical character in a movie, who would it be?

Marie Curie? I dont know, I need to think about this for longer. 

57. Kittens or puppies?

I love both equally. 

58. Favourite sushi roll

Fresh salmon. I could really go some sushi right now. 

59. What lipstick do you use?

MAC Velvet Teddy is the only lipstick I own.

60. What foundation do you use?

Estee Lauder Double Wear. Neither the lipstick nor this are cruelty-free though (I think?) so I’m planning to switch once these run out.

61. Blowdry or Airdry?

I always wash my hair at night, so I basically have to blow dry. If I go to bed with wet hair, it just…doesn’t dry. Ever. I’m not exaggerating, it’s wet the next day D:

62. Who is your fashion icon?

Oh, no one. I just wear what I like the look of!

63. Favourite Disney character?

Stitch. What a vibe, just living it up in Hawaii. Is that not the dream?

64. What are you doing tomorrow?

Enjoying the weekend! Going for a walk around Lake Burley Griffin with a friend, and going to dinner at a family friend’s place. 

65. Movie you laughed the hardest through?

Honestly, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I stand by my decision. 

66. Movie that made you cry?

I cry really easily so this is essentially all movies. Recently I watched One Day which… betrayed me. The more I thought about that movie the more I cried.

67. If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would you choose?

Elton John

68. If your life was a song what would it be?

You Gotta Be – Des’ree. That’s what my aspirational life would be anyway. What a bop.

69. What’s your favourite animal?


70. Favourite illustrator?

Gosh, that’s specific. Actually – Struthless! He started on Instagram and now makes pretty inspiring YouTube videos, too.

71. Person you’d like to have coffee with?

Nate O’Brien.

72. What country would you love to visit?


73. Best way to compress?

Uh. I really don’t know what this means in this context. Decompress? Probably tea, a book, a bath!

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  1. I like this idea! It was nice to get to know you a little better. 😀
    I used to play The Sims when it first came out. It was super addicting. I remember having sleepovers with my friends and playing late into the night. That, and Rollercoaster Tycoon. Fun stuff. 😀

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