Things I only own one of

Some things are better in abundance. Chocolate, holidays, wineries. Other things, I’m fine with just one. Here are 15 things I currently only own one of. I find that when I only own one of something, I tend to appreciate it more than when I have multiple, and as a result, I end up getting more value out of my things.

1. One handbag

It’s neutral and goes with everything else in my wardrobe. I do also have a canvas bag I sometimes take to the gym or grocery shopping, but I don’t think this is cheating!

2. One wallet

This is possibly a little embarrassing, and questionable to whether it properly qualifies as a whole wallet. It’s the inside section of a friends wallet. It’s one of those things that I could justify replacing, but I also don’t have enough immediate need to, and the majority of “women’s” wallets are enormous. 

3. One pair of trainers/joggers

Recently bought to replace my old pair. The need for replacement joggers comes around much quicker when you only own one pair, as I tend to wear these most days of the week.

4. One of each makeup product I use 

This is all of them. I will not buy new makeup until I run out of something. Even then, I probably won’t replace the concealer or highlighter, and I plan to look for a single pot of eyeshadow that I can use for eyeshadow, eyeliner and eyebrows. 

5. One water bottle 

A nice pink friend.

6. One reusable coffee cup

Another pink friend.

7. One hat (or technically one visor)

From memory I received this free at the end of a race in Sydney many moons ago. 

8. One pair of sunglasses

I don’t tend to lose or break my glasses (touch wood), so I invested in a higher quality pair last year. 

9. One moisturiser

I use this for my face and body, all year round. 

10. One backpack

I’ve had this Crumpler backpack for several years now and it’s showing very little wear. Despite being fairly compact, I have flown many-a-flight with this as my only carry-on – it has served me well!

11. One perfume 

Before I became deliberate with what I purchased and held on to, I had so many perfumes. Upwards of ten. The funny thing was, I never actually wore any of them. I think this was likely because I just accumulated them in various ways that didn’t require me to absolutely love them first. This one I absolutely loved, purchased, and now wear every day.

12. One watch 

I love the look of this watch and I think it goes perfectly with everything in my wardrobe. I don’t wear a watch most days as I don’t see it as essential, but I will sometimes add this as an accessory.

13. One makeup bag

It’s the perfect size, shape and material, I have no reason to need anything else. 

14. One lip balm

I honestly never thought I would know what it feels like to own just one lip balm, but here I am, living my truth.

15. One of each kitchen utensil 

Welcome to my kitchen drawer. Actually, we definitely don’t have one of everything, I distinctly remember requiring a veggie peeler the other month. I guess now we just eat all our vegetables with their skins!

What are some things that you only own one of? What’s something you own many of? 


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