What a dietitian eats in a day #2

Hi everyone,

I’m back with another what I eat in a day post, this time on a weekend. With winter beginning to make its entrance in Canberra recently, I have been loving the comfort of warm foods such as toasties and soup. Enjoy!

Breakfast – 8am 

Banana protein smoothie. This is a breakfast ritual for my partner and I on weekends, although I’m not sure how much longer it will last as it gets colder and colder…

banana protein smoothie

Snack – 11am

An apple and a mandarin.

Lunch – 2pm 

Cheese, tomato and spinach toastie. I didn’t have regular tomatoes so I had to use cherry tomatoes, which made for an even worse burning juice explosion than a usual tomato toastie!

cheese, tomato, spinach toastie

Snack – 5pm

Greek yoghurt.

bowl of greek yoghurt

Dinner – 8pm

Cauliflower soup with toast. This soup is honestly so lovely, I had two bowls. I even passed on the recipe to the rest of my family. 

bowl of cauliflower soup

Dessert – 9pm

Caramilk marble chocolate. Absolutely delicious.

four squares of chocolate in a bowl

That’s it today! I think I ate less than usual today as I didn’t do all that much, it was a Saturday and I mostly spent the day doing housework and relaxing. On days when I have exercised, I’ll tend to eat more. 


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