My monthly budget

With some help from my boyfriend, I have created this infographic breaking down my monthly budget, to explain how much money I allocate to expenses and how much I am able to save. I have included superannuation in my savings too, because sometimes its easy to forget about!

I am in a privileged situation where I am earning a good salary, and also have an employer that pays high superannuation. I also make a little bit of extra money from a few sources. Prior to 2010, I was making just under $2500 a month, and didn’t have any money going into superannuation. I am making the most of my situation now by saving as much as I can, but acknowledge that this isn’t possible in all circumstances. Perhaps in a future post I will outline my budget when I was completing my PhD, as a means of comparison!

I would say the three major things that are within my direct control that I do in order to save this much are:

  1. Live in a modest apartment. It’s beautiful but by no means extravagant.
  2. Keep transport costs down by walking to work and owning an old car.
  3. “Pay myself first”. I.e. deposit my savings/investments as soon as I’m paid, and treat them almost as another expense.


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