My 57-item wardrobe

One aspect of my life that I have managed to reduce and declutter considerably over the years is my wardrobe. I currently have fewer than 60 pieces (including shoes and workout clothing, but not including pyjamas or underwear) in my wardrobe. I maintain this number by using the ‘one in, one out’ method, whereby I will only buy new clothing if it is to replace or upgrade a current piece. I keep track of what I wear within my wardrobe, to ensure that I am not holding on to items that I do not wear. Finally, I tend to look for better quality materials these days, although my wardrobe is not perfect in this sense. In fact, it’s far from it. I do not want to declutter previously purchased cheaper quality items for the sake of it, so worn items remain until I need to upgrade them (at which point I will choose higher quality replacements). 

Here’s a list of all items in my wardrobe, including where possible, their brand and when I purchased them. Enjoy!


  1. Stella lace blouse (2016)
  2. Tokito spotty blouse (2016)
  3. Country Road white cotton t-shirt (2019)
  4. Witchery white linen tank top (2019)
  5. Nude Lucy grey cotton t-shirt (2019)
  6. Forever New snakeskin print top (2018)
  7. New Look green bodysuit (2018)
  8. Cotton On black loose singlet (2016)
  9. Witchery black tight tank top (2020)
  10. Witchery black linen tank top (2019)
  11. Amelius black linen crop top (2021)


  1. David Jones black wool turtleneck (2019)
  2. SES Fashion Grey turtleneck (2015…I have no idea how this is still alive!)
  3. Witchery olive green turtleneck (2020)
  4. H&M striped long sleeve top (2018)
  5. Basque Maroon turtleneck (2016)
  6. Witchery pink turtleneck (2020)


  1. Tokito grey dress (2016)
  2. Saints + Secrets black cocktail dress (2018)
  3. New Look black skater dress (2018)
  4. Dotti floral long sleeved dress (2017)
  5. Mona Young floral red dress (2018)

Jackets and jumpers 

  1. Cambridge University black jumper (2018)
  2. Target grey jumper (stolen from boyfriend in 2020)
  3. Patagonia orange jumper (2019)
  4. Noisy May faux leather jacket (2017)
  5. Dotti denim Jacket (2018)


  1. Country Road brown satin bias skirt (2019)
  2. Witchery brown and white spotty skirt (2020)
  3. Witchery denim skirt (2019)
  4. Topshop olive denim a-line skirt (2018)
  5. Tokito black and white skirt (2016)
  6. Princess Polly faux leather skirt (2019)

Pants and shorts

  1. ASOS black pants (2018)
  2. ABrand black high slim jeans (2021)
  3. Levis grey jeans (2019)
  4. Cheap Monday blue jeans (2018)
  5. ABrand blue bootleg jeans (2019)
  6. Witchery beige linen pants (2019)
  7. Myer black denim shorts (2018)


  1. Stella beige coat (2016)
  2. Rains green raincoat (2017)
  3. Michael Kors black coat (2015)
  4. Kathmandu puffer jacket (2020)


  1. Havaianas thongs (2019)
  2. Spurr nude heels (2017)
  3. Superga white sneakers (2019)
  4. Sandler sandals (2021)
  5. Sandler leather chelsea boots (2019)
  6. New Balance runners (2019, need replacing!!)
  7. Atmos&Here heeled leather boots (2017)

And lastly, workout clothing (not shown!)

  1. Nike full length tights (2019)
  2. Running Bare ¾ tights (2019)
  3. Cotton on shorts (2014)
  4. Nike black top (2018)
  5. Under Armour mauve top (2019)
  6. Champion grey muscle top (2017)


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