50 things to declutter today

Hi everyone, I’ve been doing some decluttering tonight and it has inspired me to share a list of 50 things you can declutter today. Not all of these will be applicable to everyone, but I’m hoping there will be at least a few relevant and useful for you!

  1. Broken/replaced electronics
  2. Cords and wires for broken/replaced electronics 
  3. Paperwork kept “just in case”
  4. Expired coupons
  5. Restaurant menus 
  6. Clothes that no longer fit
  7. Clothes you haven’t worn in the most recent appropriate season
  8. Excess coat hangers 
  9. Workout clothing you aren’t comfortable in
  10. Uncomfortable shoes
  11. Older/replaced joggers/runners
  12. Jewellery that irritates you
  13. Jewellery that you don’t wear
  14. Towels you will always pick last
  15. Bedding you will always pick last
  16. Expired makeup 
  17. Makeup you don’t use
  18. Perfume you don’t use
  19. Body lotions and products you don’t use
  20. Clumpy/thickened/dried out nail polish
  21. Duplicate toiletries/bathroom items
  22. Unused hair/skincare appliances
  23. Excess travel bags (e.g. makeup bags, toiletry bags)
  24. Expired medicine
  25. Supplements you tried and didn’t finish
  26. Food items you tried and didn’t like
  27. Unused kitchen appliances
  28. Duplicate kitchen utensils 
  29. Excess reusable bags
  30. Inconveniently sized Tupperware
  31. Excess storage containers and jars 
  32. Recipe books you don’t use
  33. Souvenirs 
  34. Excess or heavy luggage
  35. Unwanted gifts
  36. Birthday/Christmas/greeting cards (I only keep particularly sentimental ones) 
  37. Neglected pet toys
  38. Exercise equipment you don’t use
  39. Hobby items you don’t use (e.g. musical instruments)
  40. Board games no longer played 
  41. Puzzles no longer used 
  42. Old university textbooks
  43. Old university notes 
  44. Old/irrelevant computer documents and folders 
  45. Old email accounts
  46. Email subscriptions
  47. Phone contacts you don’t talk to 
  48. Unused apps
  49. Things that no longer serve a purpose (e.g. lawnmower if you now live in an apartment)
  50. Anything that is still unopened/unsealed (without good reason) 

What else would you add to the list?


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