What a dietitian eats in a day

Heres my day on a plate as a non-dieting dietitian!

Breakfast – 7am

Rolled oats with milk and honey (and a few raspberries for the ~aesthetic~)

Coffee made with a Moka Pot 

Snack – 10am

Pink lady apple (the best kind)

Plain yoghurt with raspberries

Lunch – 1pm

Glorious gnocchi. Made with butter, chilli, spinach, garlic and cherry tomatoes. 

Is this “healthy”? No. Do I care? Also no. It was a super delicious and satisfying meal. If I wanted to increase its nutritional value next time, I could add a higher proportion of spinach leaves and tomatoes, or try adding an additional vegetable (mushrooms, perhaps?)

Dinner – 6pm

Salad with mixed leaves, beetroot, roasted pumpkin, danish feta and red onion. It was also supposed to include chickpeas but I completely forgot! I dressed it with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice.

Snack 2 – 8pm

Earl grey tea 

Slice of vegemite toast 

That’s my day! Nothing too fancy, but all homemade and very satisfying. I’m not too fussed about trying to eat a particular way. The only thing I will try to do is eat a good portion of veggies each day. If I do that – I’m happy! 


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